Mahi: a miracle cat in search of her forever home

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Just like the heroic princess of Troy, Mahi (from the Greek name Andromahi Ανδρομάχη), did not give up and showed tremendous strength after her tragic incident. Mahi was found on the side of the street by Animal Welfare Karpathos volunteer Fotini and her brother in May 2022. She was hit on the head by a car and was in critical condition.

Mahi was rushed to Dr. Elias Pochos who immediately assisted the sweet cat with her injuries. She had sustained a number of oral fractures, which included a fractured jaw (mandible) and a fractured mandible along with a number of teeth. In addition, Mahi had sustained ocular hematomas (blood within the eyes). Mahi underwent surgery that same day in order to reduce the fractures and stabilize her. She stayed in the clinic for 3 days before being transferred to Luisa and Maria (AWK board members) for her long recovery.

To our surprise, Mahi’s will to live was stronger than the injuries she had experienced. Unfortunately, even though she has made a remarkable recovery, she is now blind due to the head injury. However, this does not stop her from being independent and able to eat on her own and use the litter box. Her wounds have now completely healed! Mahi’s personality began to shine when her new fosters, Deanne (AWK trustee) and her daughter Jane took over her care this week. She is a true cuddle bug who enjoys being petted, and loves all the attention.

Mahi will be getting spayed at the end of August and has already received her first vaccinations. Animal Welfare Karpathos would like to find her a home where she will find peace and love. Afterall, she has fought hard for this. We expect that Mahi will remain blind, though there is some indication that she can sense the difference between day/night.
  If you would like to adopt sweet Mahi, please fill out an application form via our website (here). Animal Welfare Karpathos has no adoption fees. However, adopters are responsible for travel costs and carrier expenses. Mahi’s care has been possible thanks to the donations Animal Welfare Karpathos receives. If you would like to support our mission, please consider making a donation via our charity approved PayPal account or via a direct bank transfer to the organization's Greek bank account.


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