• Our Mission, Vision & Goals

    Our Mission


    With our core network of dedicated local volunteers and partners we can respond to animals in distress—by providing food and water, removing them from danger, giving first aid, or taking injured animals for veterinary treatment.

    We actively encourage people—residents and visitors—to adopt strays, spay and neuter animals, and help to improve the health and well-being of all the island's animals.


    Our Vision


    To reduce the island's stray population we aim to bring in experts from abroad to deliver annual, high volume spay/neuter programs, including surgeries and health checks.

    Through education, local community activities, and collaborative support from our international membership and partners, we work to secure a better future for our animals.

    1. Our 4 Primary Goals
    2. To have funds on-hand to assist with making sure injured strays get proper medical attention and care
    3. To facilitate our feeders around the island and a  free spay/neuter program
    4. To assist with paying for the transportation of rescue animals to their forever homes
    5. To raise funds in order to help build, maintain and staff an animal shelter on the island!

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    We can only reach our goals with your support

    Our non-for-profit survives only with donations and the hours of dedication spent by our volunteers

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    Become a AWK Volunteer!

    It will take all of us together to create the change we want to see on the island.
    We are always in need for more volunteers!

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    Be a AWK Foster home!

    We are always looking for more foster homes to help our animals as they get ready to go to their forever homes!

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    Join our volunteers and chat with us in our Discord group

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