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    Volunteer - In Karpathos or Athens

    We can't do this without support in Karpathos!


    Animal Welfare Karpathos is an all volunteer organization and your help is welcomed and appreciated.


    As an onsite volunteer you will become an integral part of our organization.


    Each person may choose the area of interest for volunteer action depending skills and time.


    This could include:

    • Adoption coordinators
    • Event coordinators
    • Assist with Trap-Neuter-Release Programs


    Our volunteers on the island may be called upon to help with a rescue situation, check on an animal in distress, or assist a local veterinarian with triage of an animal that needs our help.


    In the form below, you can indicate what you would like to do!

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    Helping our animals before they find their forever home


    Foster volunteers are responsible for animals who just need a place to stay before they can be adopted or animals in need of medical attention or baby animals who need additional help.


    Training will be provided for basic medical care before someone can officially take on this responsibility.


    Given that a shelter does not exist on our island yet, foster parents are integral for the work that we do.


    Whether it is taking care of sick animals or newborn puppies and kittens, or being a temporary home for an animal that will be traveling for adoption- we need your help!

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    Volunteer: Flight Escorts

    Helping our animals get to their forever homes!


    During summer and winter we look for flight escorts to take the adopted animals to their new homes. The additional costs for the transport of the animal(s) will be covered.


    Please fill out the form linked below and let us know you have an interest in becoming a flight escort!


    You can also email us at volunteer@animalwelfarekarpathos.com with the following information:


    • Full Name
    • Departure date (leaving from Karpathos)
    • Destination country and airport
    • Phone number where you can be reached during your stay on Karpathos, as well as any layovers during your travel.
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    Remote Internship Opportunities

    Helping our animals get to their forever homes!


    This could be ideal for those in college looking to have some skills and experience that can be very applicable in digital marketing and social media management job paths!


    We are specifically looking for someone who can read and write in Greek and English!

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    Virtual Volunteer: Global

    No matter where you are, you can help.


    Most of our team is global. Having people working on specific, skill-based items can help us immensely. Let us know your interests and existing skills and we can find something for you to help us with!

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    Volunteer: Fundraising - In Karpathos & Global

    Money makes the world go round, unfortunately


    As a non for profit organization we rely solely on donations for our day to day operation and rescue work. Fundraising events are a fun way to connect with the community while at the same time raising funds to support our work.


    Depending on your availability your commitment can be for the day of the event, or you can choose to be part of the event committee to help with the coordination and execution of our plans.

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    Become a AWK Volunteer!

    It will take all of us together to create the change we want to see on the island.
    We are always in need for more volunteers!

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    Be a AWK Foster home!

    We are always looking for more foster homes to help our animals as they get ready to go to their forever homes!

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    Join our volunteers and chat with us in our Discord group


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