• With your support, Animal Welfare Karpathos can improve the lives of hundreds of animals on Karpathos island, while inspiring the communities to take action for the improvement of animal welfare.

    Click the icon to donate | Πατήστε στο εικονίδιο για να κάνετε μία δωρεά​

    Donate Money - via Paypal! - Δωρεά μέσω Paypal

    We only accept monetary donations directly into our bank account (see below) or via our charity-approved PayPal, as to ensure the transparency of our organization.


    If you would like to become a monthly or yearly donor, your support would be highly appreciated.


    If you are a company or private donor who would like to become a sponsor for our next spay/neuter campaign please contact us at donate@animalwelfarekarpathos.com directly to discuss details and the needs for our campaign.


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    Donate Money via your bank! - Δωρεά μέσω τραπέζης

    Donations can be made directly to our bank account, using the information below. 

    Οι δωρεές μπορούν να γίνονται απευθείας στον τραπεζικό  λογαριασμό της ΦΔΚ στην Εθνική Τράπεζα, χρησιμοποιώντας τις παρακάτω πληροφορίες.

    • Bank Name: Εθνική Τράπεζα, National Bank of Greece
    • Account name: Animal Welfare Karpathos - Φιλοζωική Δράση Καρπάθου
    • IBAN: GR44 0110 3870 0000 3870 0337 314
    • SWIFT code: ETHNGRAA
    • Purpose/ αιτιολογία: DONATION / ΔΩΡΕΑ

    Once you complete your donation please email (donate@AnimalWelfareKarpathos.com) us your information so we can send you a receipt. 

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    Donate Supplies - Δωρεά Υλικών

    There are many ways through which you can make a difference in the lives of the stray animals on Karpathos island.


    If you would like to donate in person, please send us an email to donate@animalwelfarekarpathos.com to reach out to us so we can arrange a time and place for a donation.


    Items that you can purchase and donate to our team directly:


    General supplies: 


    • Cat dry food
    • Cat canned food
    • Dog dry food
    • Dog canned food
    • Kitten milk formula
    • Puppy milk formula


    • Airline approved cat carriers
    • Airline approved dog carriers
    • Wire Recovery crate for dogs
    • Wire Recovery crate for cats

    Other items:

    • Dog Pee Pads
    • Cat toys
    • Dog toys
    • Cat beds
    • Dog beds

    Medical supplies:

    We are always in need for medical supplies for our rescue teams. Please contact us before making any purchases as we may have a need for a specific item.


    Some examples are:

    • Anti parasitics (we use large quantities of all of the following products):

    ● Feline (cat) approved spot on for Tick/Fleas

    ● Canine (dog) approved spot on for Tick/Fleas

    ● Spray (like Frontline) for Ticks/fleas

    ● Drontal tablets for cats or dogs

    ● Milbemax antiparasitic tablets

    ● **Panacur Paste**

    • Flea/Tick sprays
    • Gloves (xs/s/m/l)
    • Syringes (1ml - used the most- , 2.5ml, 5ml, 25ml)
    • Sterile gauzes 10 x 10 cm
    • Pulvo antiseptic spray
    • Betadine scrub
    • Betadine solution
    • Cotton balls


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    Become a AWK Volunteer!

    It will take all of us together to create the change we want to see on the island.
    We are always in need for more volunteers!

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    Be a AWK Foster home!

    We are always looking for more foster homes to help our animals as they get ready to go to their forever homes!

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    Join our volunteers and chat with us in our Discord group

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