Her birthday wish? To help the strays of Karpathos island!

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Alexandra Lytou,  from Aperi village of Karpathos, had one wish for her birthday, and this was to actively help Animal Welfare Karpathos’ mission. To that end,  in spite of her young age,  she asked her parents to help her organize a birthday fundraiser for Animal Welfare Karpathos. Her parents immediately contacted AWK’s board members and requested permission to do so as well as guidance. 

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During her birthday, the sealed jar quickly filled with 152.80 euros! The amount was counted by Maria Pavlakos (AWK’s board member) in the presence of Alexandra’s family. Alexandra can be seen in the photos proudly carrying the receipt and certificate of donation. 

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This act of kindness may seem simple but it brings much joy when children take such wonderful actions to benefit those around them. Animal Welfare Karpathos would like to congratulate Alexandra for her selflessness and compassion towards the strays, as well as her parents for supporting her idea and helping her implement it. We hope that Alexandra’s sensitivity will help her achieve all of her dreams, as she has already proved to be a compassionate leader.

Animal Welfare Karpathos is a nonprofit organization based on the island of Karpathos, Greece. The organization relies solely on donations and volunteers to support the strays of the island. If you would like to donate to Animal Welfare Karpathos, you can do so, via the official bank account (see the information here) or the charity approved PayPal account (donate@AnimalWelfareKarpathos). 

If you are on Karpathos and would like to volunteer, please message AWK’s team, via the official social media accounts (@animalwelfarekarpathos) or via email at Volunteer@AnimalWelfareKarpathos.com. The organization is in need of temporary fosters and volunteers who can transport rescues to veterinarians, as well as, flight escorts.