We Need Volunteers!

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Hello Everyone!

We wanted to share a couple of quick updates and provide some information

Our website is fully online and a great place to go for information: www.animalwelfarekarpathos.com

We can now accept donations!

***We currently are in need of more volunteers now that we are heading into the winter months and many have left the island. Please sign up at www.animalwelfarekarpathos.com/volunteer AND join the Discord group and download the app so that you can stay connected with us and respond if you can help!***

We have created a chat group in Discord that will allow us all to connect with on-another.

This is the link to invite to AWK’s specific Discord group: https://discord.gg/UgHQCdN

You can download the app to your phone but also have it on your computer, go here for more information about how to download: https://discord.com/download

We created it there to get out of Facebook messenger and to allow for channels for specific types of conversations, in an organized fashion.


Thank you for your interest in helping and we look forward to working with you to make Karpathos a safe place for all it’s creatures!