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    While monetary donations are always needed and greatly appreciated, we here at AWK have always found that the contributions of hands on volunteers are invaluable. A group that exemplified this perfectly during the past year has been Meltemi Windsurfing.

For the past year, Vanda Maňková and Michal Galbavy have volunteered actively through Animal Welfare Karpathos by fostering and helping with cases near the Afiartis area of Karpathos. As professionals, they reached out to us immediately when they realized how the lack of volunteers was impacting our work. As animal lovers themselves, fostering dogs came naturally to them. For over 6 months, Vanda and Michal took care of Babu (see his story here) and were great about following protocols and sponsoring his food. 

Taking their volunteering to the next step, Vanda and Michal were actively involved during the 2021 "Spay/Neuter & Education" program. During the days when the clinic was set in Pigadia, they trapped and transported stray cats from Afriartis to have them spayed and neutered. 

In addition to that, they offered the talent they are most famous for: teaching people how to surf! Our students had the opportunity to spend one day in Afiartis (Makris Gialos beach, aka chicken bay) to learn the basics of windsurfing. The day was sponsored exclusively by Meltemi Windsurfing who also sponsored the lunch that same day. 

    To everyone at Meltemi Windsurfing, Animal Welfare Karpathos would l ike to thank you for your continuous support not only of the animals in need on the island, but also of all the AWK volunteers.

Would you like to volunteer with Animal Welfare Karpathos? Please visit our website here to complete a form or email us at AWK always welcomes new foster families and rescue volunteer on the ground.

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