Supermarket chain Louloudis donates food for the strays to Animal Welfare Karpathos


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Mr. Christos Louloudis, owner of the supermarket chain Louloudis, once again showed his support towards the stray animals of Karpathos island after donating 1464 cans of cat wet food to Animal Welfare Karpathos. This significant donation follows his previous act of kindness where he took the initiate to donate feeders for the strays, and close to 400kg of dry food to the City Hall of Karpathos in 2020. The feeders were painted and installed by the volunteers of Animal Welfare Karpathos (see the post here) with the permission of the municipality of


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As an organization whose volunteers have over 20 years of experience in helping stray animals on the island, we are extremely honored and thankful for this partnership. 

The wet food will be used primarily for stray cats who cannot consume the dry food due to various medical conditions. Already, Bouncer, a lovely male cat from Ammoopi who was just diagnosed with a tumor on his tongue this week, is benefiting from the generous donation. 

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If you are on Karpathos island and you are feeding stray animals please contact Animal Welfare Karpathos via email ( or a direct message to our official Facebook page if you are in need of food. 

Animal Welfare Karpathos- Φιλοζωική Δράση Καρπάθου is an all volunteer registered non profit. We rely 100% on the generous work of our volunteers and the donations we receive. You can find a list of items which can be used by our volunteers here. To make a monetary donation please follow the instructions that can be found on our official website here

We would like to thank Maria Pavlakos and George Katogiritis for receiving and safely storing the donation.

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