Impact Report 2020- Animal Welfare Karpathos

Φιλοζωική Δράση Καρπάθου- Animal Welfare Karpathos

Για την ελληνική έκδοση αυτού του άρθρου μπορείτε να πατήσετε εδώ.

Annual Impact Report 2020

What we accomplished together

We are excited to share with you our annual impact report for the year 2020. In this well prepared report you can read about some of our biggest highlights that made national and international news, our financial management, the statistics of our collaborative efforts, our new partnerships, stories of love and future plans. Join us as we thank some of our most dedicated volunteers and professionals, whose contributions have helped AWK rise during a very difficult year. As you read through the report it will become evident, that though AWK is a small organization it is operated with the highest of standards, and has a big vision: to reduce the stray population of strays on Karpathos island, while increasing animal welfare conditions for all family owned animals.

You can read the magazine by clicking on the cover image below, or by clicking here. The annual impact reports can be found on our website in both English and Greek here (About Us-> Annual Reporting).

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Do you have questions for our team? Are you a business or professional who would like to partner with Animal Welfare Karpathos officially? Please contact us via email: We would love to discuss how we can help the hundreds of strays of Karpathos island together.

Animal Welfare Karpathos is a registered non profit organization based on Karpathos island, Greece. The organization is not associated with any other associations/organizations/groups unless clearly stated on our website. You can find information about our governance and financial transparency practices via the About Us section on our webpage. If you would like to support the organization by making a donation, please visit the section here for more details.