• Equidae Wellness Program- Spring 2023

    in collaboration with Animal Action Greece (formelly known as Greek Animal Welfare Fund)



    examined and cared for in Pigadia,

    Olympos and Othos


    Below you can see a summary of the visit, photo highlights, and the list of sponsors/ partners for this visit.

    March 11-12th, 2023


    Animal Welfare Karpathos was delighted to welcome once again the Animal Action Greece Equidae team on the island of Karpathos. The expert team visited the island in 2021 to care for donkeys and mules in Olympos (see last visit click here). The team, once again, consisted of veterinarian Dr. Okkas, ferrier Mr. Tasos Skyllas, and dental technician Mr. Akis Geskos.

    AWK had contacted Animal Action Greece regarding a second visit to the island and had emphasized the need to provide care to an elderly donkey located in the village of Othos, whose hooves had overgrown.

    The Animal Action Greece team offered veterinary examinations, dental care and hoof care/ trimmings to 12 donkeys across Pigadia, Othos, and Olympos. Special attention was given to the elderly donkey in Othos whose case was more complicated and required hours of treatment. We are delighted with the results of the first therapy session as already had a more stable gait. The guardian of the donkey explained how the donkey was recently given to him when his father passed away and he had an emotional connection to the animal. He did not know how to care for the donkey’s hooves and was very interested in learning more from the experts. Overgrowth of hooves can occur when animals have an excessive energy intake, and in this case, the donkey was being fed more than needed.

    AWK purchased the necessary analgesics (pain medications) as recommended by the Animal Action Greece team. In collaboration with the donkey’s human guardian, she is receiving a course of oral therapy ntil further reassessment. Additional treatments will be needed in the future and the two organizations will be in touch for the scheduling of further visits.

    AWK would like to thank all the guardians of the donkeys for their collaboration, the Animal Action Greece team for visiting the island and all the donors who support both organizations.


  • Sponsors and Contributors

    This program was co-sponsored and co-organized by Animal Welfare Karpathos and Animal Action Greece. The car of the GAWF volunteers was sponsored by Billys Rent a Car and the meals were sponsored by

    Animal Welfare Karpathos and George and Stavroula Katogiritis. 

    3 rooms were offered by Calypso Bay Apartment Studios in Pigadia.

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