• Equidae Wellness Program- Summer 2021

    in collaboration with the Greek Animal Welfare Fund- Animal Action Hellas



    examined and cared for



    examined and cared for

  • Below you will find details about the program, followed by a brief video of the experience, photo highlights, and a list of the program sponsors and organizers.

  • The Animal Welfare Karpathos team visited Olympos village for a total of 3 days, where it was met with a memorable acceptance and hospitality. During those days two programs took place: spay/neuter of cats and an Equidae wellness program. Olympos is the most distant from the capital and most isolated village of Karpathos. Although it is the number one tourist destination on the island, it has managed to retain its vibrant customs, daily routines, and ancient women's attire that dates back to historical times. Despite its inherent resistance to adopting new ways, it has managed to create an amazing amalgam of tradition and use of modern amenities and technologies.


    It is for this reason of distance and unavailability of specialists that AWK decided to devote time to the animals there by providing free veterinary care. For this program, Animal Welfare Karpathos partnered with the Greek Animal Welfare Fund- Animal Action Hellas; one of the most respected organizations with a multi-year history of helping Equidae and other species throughout the country. With enthusiasm and determination to get work done, the volunteer experts of Animal Action Hellas arrived on Karpathos on July 17th, 2021.

    • Dr. Kostas Okkas, a veterinarian with years of experience in Equidae medicine and wellness.
    • Mr. Tasos Skyllas, a ferrier.
    • Mr. Akis Geskos, an Equidae dental technician.

    The three gentlemen won the hearts of the initially hesitant locals within minutes, thanks to their kindness, humor, and experience. It was noted many times, that the goal of this visit was not to criticize the locals for the condition of their animals, but rather to extend a helping hand in managing any current medical conditions. In addition to that, they welcomed the volunteer veterinary students who were participating in the Spay/Neuter & Education program to learn the basics of handling donkeys and to observe the process.


    A brief assessment by the Equidae team:

    Dr. Okkas and the team had the opportunity to examine a total of 13 donkeys and mules. Their hoofs were carefully assessed and trimmed. They noted that two of the animals suffered from laminitis (inflammation of the hoofs), and in those cases appropriate anti-inflammatory medications, advice, and information were offered to the owners. Interestingly, some of the animals were noted to be overweight on their body condition scoring assessment. None of the animals had signs of abuse.

  • A video of the program

    The following video was directed, filmed, and edited by Mary Elle Alexander for Animal Welfare Karpathos.

  • Sponsors and Contributors

    This program was co-sponsored and co-organized by Animal Welfare Karpathos and the Greek Animal Welfare Fund. The car of the GAWF volunteers was sponsored by Billys Rent a Car and the meals were sponsored by

    Dr. Anna Katogiritis.

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