• 2022 Spring  Spay-Neuter  Program

    by Animal Welfare Karpathos


    cats spayed/  neutered, microchipped and dewormed

    3328.23 Euros

    total cost covered by  Animal Welfare Karpathos thanks to YOUR donations.


    elementary school and j. high school students educated on animal welfare & spay/neuters.


    local volunteers


    UK/ US veterinarians


    UK veterinary licensed nurses

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    Together we concluded one more successful spay/neuter program! 

    Scroll below to see photos of the program, the full list of sponsors and the names of all the wonderful volunteers who helped. 

  •  The Spring Spay/Neuter program ran from 27-31 of March, 2022  and was followed immediately after by a week long education campaign. The campaign targeted elementary school and junior high school students from across the island of Karpathos. AWK is thankful for all the donations and sponsorships received, as without the support of the donors and businesses this program would not have been possible. The total cost covered via the donations AWK receives throughout the year was 3328.23 euros. This amount was used for the purchase of  all the necessary medications, anesthetics and medical consumables. The Greek Cat Welfare Society covered the medical/liability license for the UK vet and nurses, whereas individual/business donors (see below) covered other important costs of the program such as airfair etc. It is important to note, that without the generous services provided by restaurants and hotel sponsors (see below), the costs for Animal Welfare Karpathos would have been much higher. For this reason, we are thankful for everyone who joined forces to make this campaign a success. 

  • Sponsors and Contributors

    The Animal Welfare Karpathos  Spring 2022  Spay/Neuter & Education campaign would not have been possible without the collaboration of the Municipality of Karpathos: Mayor John Nisyrios, and all members of the City Council who unanimously voted in favor of AWK's program. In addition, Mr. George Pappas, president of Aperi, visited the volunteers  in an effort to make sure that their needs were met and he, also, held an informal thank you ceremony at his private residence the last day of the educational campaign. Moreover, the businesses listed below provided free meals for the medical team during the spay/neuter week. 


    Private Sponsors (monetary donations towards program costs)


    - Ms. Yvonne Deutch 

    - Family of Mrs Maria Loizou- Ioannidi and Mr. Michalis Ioannidis

    - Dr. Anna Katogiritis

    - Mrs. Mary Lagonikos 

    - Family of  Dr. Themistoklis Nisyrios

    - Mr Niko and Mrs Tessie Tsampounieris


    Hotel sponsors who provided free rooms for the volunteers throughout the program were: Gorgona Apartments and Sunrise Hotel. 


    Business sponsors: 


    - Purina- Nestle Hellas: donated 62kg high quality dry cat  food for rescues

    - Nouaros Pharmacy (Arkasa, Karpathos) : donated multiple much needed supplies/ consumables 

    - Lambrinos Pharmacy (Pigadia, Karpathos): donated guazes 

    - Nikolaos Konstantinidis Superstore (Κωνσταντινίδης): sponsored a roundtrip ticket Athens- Karpathos for a medical team member

    - AlVet (Veterinary Store- Athens): donated 20kg dry food for the strays

    - Sacar Wash- Sakis Spanos: washed/disinfected cat traps 

    - Two Goats Villas: monetary donation towards program costs 

    - Makris SuperMarket (Pigadia Karpathos): 10kg of dry cat food 

    - Mezzaria & Poseidon restaurants via Chrysa Pathiaki: 20kg of cat dry food for Othos village


    Sponsored dinners were provided by the following restaurants, local associations, and donors: 


    - Klimataria Restaurant (Volada): provided a sponsored dinner for the medical team

    - Mezaria Restaurant (Othos): provided a sponsored dinner for the medical team

    - Vala Restaurant (Pigadia): provided a sponsored lunch/ dinner 

    - Ellovos Restaurant (Mesochori): treated the medical team to lunch

    - Mocha cafe: provided sandwiches and drinks for one day

    - Erasmias Souvlaki Restaurant: provided a sponsored lunch  

    - Apse Svise Souvlaki and Pizza: provided a sponsored pizza lunch  

    - Mr. Nikos Ioannidis sponsored a dinner at his restaurant "Ellinikon"

    - Victoria's Pastries provided free yummy handmade desserts for the volunteers  

    - Mrs. Sophia Litou provided soft drinks for the volunteers during multiple days

    - Mr Manolis Paragios and & Mrs Paragios  provided home-cooked delicacies and also covered the costs for the transportation of strays from Mesochori village to the Aperi clinic. 

    - Mrs. Sophia Hiras: provided daily morning coffee/tea for all the volunteers 

    - Mrs. Maria Loizou- Ioannidis and Mr. Ioannidis sponsored a dinner at the restaurant Perdika in Menetes village

    - Mr. Alekos Mikropandremenos: provided home made delicacies for the volunteers (kopeles/ spinach pies)

    - Mrs. Renoula Gergatsoulis: provided snacks for the volunteers

    - Mr. George Pappas (president of Aperi): provided a farewell/thank dinner at his private residence at the second week of the program. 

    - Mrs. Elpida Tsagkari: sponsored lunch for the medical team

    - Mrs. Vena Kamaratou: brought fruit and home made delicacies for the volunteers 

    - Ms. Olga: brought cheese pies for the volunteers 

  • Would you like to donate or volunteer during our next program?

    Email our team at Donate@AnimalWelfareKarpathos.com and Volunteer@AnimalWelfareKarpathos.com 

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