Dr. Jane Goodall: Sending a message of support to Animal Welfare Karpathos and the mayor of Karpathos island, Mr. John Nisyrios


Jane Goodall- PhD, DBE, UN Messenger of Peace, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

Dr. Jane Goodall: a message of thanks

Renowned primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall has sent a heartwarming video message to the mayor of Karpathos island, Greece Mr John Nisyrios and the volunteers and leadership team of Animal Welfare Karpathos.

Known for her international animal advocacy work and scientific contributions, Dr. Jane Goodall is well aware of the significant number of stray animals throughout Greece for years. Dr. Goodall thanked the mayor for welcoming the programs and ideas that were presented to him by US trained veterinarian and Karpathos native, Dr. Anna Katogiritis. Katogiritis collaborated pro bono with the Greek America Foundation on designing a volunteer spay/ neuter campaign for the strays. The program is set to take place on Karpathos island this coming June. The US based Greek America Foundation is known for its significant philanthropic work in Greece. Jane Goodall, also, thanked individually the leadership team of the non-profit for their invaluable volunteer work: Alf B. Meier, Alexandra Desmond, Luisa Ricaldone, Yvonne Deutch, Sophia Hiras, Angeliki Frangos, Haidee (Theohariti) Pittas, Anja Van Rossum and Evie Moreno.

Sophia Hiras, John Nisyrios and Anna Katogiritis

The representatives of the organization, Sophia Hiras-Micros and Dr. Anna Katogiritis have had a series of meetings with the mayor (image above)over the past year during which plans for year 2021 and beyond were thoroughly discussed. Among those are the creation of a state of the art animal shelter on the island and the humane management of the stray animal population through a series of volunteer programs.

Dr. Jane Goodall, whose scientific discoveries redefined the human kind, visited Greece in 2016 and 2018 for a series of lectures in Athens, Crete and Thessaloniki. The events were organized by her official office in the country- Jane Goodall’s R&S Greece- which was founded by veterinarian Dr. Anna Katogiritis, while she was still a veterinary student. The young veterinarian from Karpathos island has voluntarily worked with the Jane Goodall Institute and Dr. Jane Goodall herself since 2014.

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The island of Karpathos has over 1000 stray cats and a growing population of dogs. The primatologist thanked all of the volunteers of Animal Welfare Karpathos for their wonderful animal advocacy work and urged Mr. Nisyrios and all the subsequent mayors to continue supporting Animal Welfare Karpathos in the future.

Animal Welfare Karpathos ( Φιλοζωική Δράση Καρπάθου) is an all volunteer non profit organization registered in Greece in based on Karpathos island. The volunteers of the organization have been rescuing animals in need on the island for over 20 years. The organization relies solely on donations for the rescue, foster and adoptions of the many animals in need. To find out how you can support the organization, please visit the official website: www.AnimalWelfareKarpathos.com. Animal Welfare Karpathos is not associated with any other groups or organizations unless strictly stated on the website.

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