The Greek Animal Welfare Fund supports Animal Welfare Karpathos - a new partnership!


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Announcing a new partnership: the Greek Animal Welfare Fund supports Animal Welfare Karpathos

It is with great excitement that Animal Welfare Karpathos- Φιλοζωική Δράση Καρπάθου is announcing the formal partnership with the Greek Animal Welfare Fund. Our organization was selected by the charity to be supported with a donation of 1000 euros (given in two installments). The Greek Animal Welfare Fund, which is based in the UK but operates in Greece, is one of the oldest animal welfare organizations which has supported stray and domestic animals throughout Greece. 

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Since 1959, GAWF has funded numerous spays/neuters, educational programs, and has improved the welfare of equidae (horses, donkeys and mules) throughout the country. A respected charity within the international animal welfare community, GAWF supports nonprofits and associations within Greece who have shown exemplary work for the benefit of strays. 

Animal Welfare Karpathos is  delighted for this new partnership and honored to have been selected for the grant. The donation will be used solely for the care of stray animals of Karpathos island.  

Animal Welfare Karpathos- Φιλοζωική Δράση Καρπάθου, was established as a non profit organization in August 2020. However, the board of AWK is composed of the historic animal welfare volunteers on the island, who since 2002 have been helping strays throughout the island. AWK is thankful for everyone’s support throughout the years, and since the official funding of the organization. As a non-profit, AWK looks forward to expanding its partnerships with respectable NGO’s and foundations both within Greece and internationally.  

The board of AWK is committed to the organization’s mission and vision, and aims to maintain full transparency of its operations and finances. All of the information can be found on our official website here. Please note that Animal Welfare Karpathos accepts donations only through its official accounts as stated in our donation section here. Please consider supporting the life saving work of AWK by donating, volunteering or adopting a rescued pet! For ore information you can email AWK via 

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